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Developer hub

Code repositories

All repositories are hosted on GitHub and can be found here:

Coming soon Smart contracts (ink!)
Coming soon Frontend (Next.js)
Coming soon Indexer (Subsquid)
Coming soon Documentation (Nextra) (opens in a new tab)JS/TS libraries for resolving domains.
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The complete production code of AZERO.ID is open-sourced and released under a permissive FOSS license (GNU GPLv3 (opens in a new tab)).

Security audit

Our security audit was performed by Kudelski Security (opens in a new tab) without any critical or even medium findings. All low findings have been either resolved or acknowledged. The full report can be found here.


We value all contributions, whether it's correcting typos in our documentation or solving complex issues in our smart contract architecture. Your input is vital to our collective effort.


Let us know what you are planning to work on upfront. Either by opening an issue in the respective repository or by chatting with us on Discord (opens in a new tab).

Do you like contributing? We are also hiring.