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Transfer domains


This action is irreversible and could result in lost funds. Be aware of what you are doing.

AZERO.ID provides you the flexibility to transfer the ownership of your domain to any other wallet in a permissionless and fully non-custodial way.

Transfer dialog

Only the owner of a domain can transfer its ownership.

  1. Open the transfer dialog by clicking the TRANSFER DOMAIN button on the domain's management page.
  2. Set the recipient's wallet address (or domain).
  3. Consent to the ownership transfer (first option) and configure the following transfer options:
Keep the metadata *No
Keep the controller address **No
Keep the resolving address **No

* If this option is not selected, the metadata associated with the domain will be cleared after the transfer.
** If this option is not selected, this role will be updated to the recipient's address after the transfer.

  1. Click the TRANSFER button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Transfer Domain