Character sets

While traditional Web2 domains are restricted to the ASCII character set*, AZERO.ID plans to support a broader Unicode set. We will launch with a small set of characters and expand this gradually, while carefully selecting distinct characters to prevent confusion and fraud.

* Traditional domain names support special Unicode characters only indirectly via Punycode (opens in a new tab).

Whitelisted characters

The currently allowed characters for AZERO.ID domain names include:

  • Digits: 0-9
  • Latin alphabet: a-z (lowercase)
  • Hyphen: - (not allowed at the beginning or end)

In the future, we aim to incorporate a wider array of characters, accommodating various global languages, and possibly even emojis. Simultaneously, we will establish specific constraints on character combinations to safeguard domain name security.

Case sensitivity

All domain names are stored on-chain in lowercase, and mixed or uppercase domain names do not exist. Our frontend as well as our resolver library treats domain names without regard to the case by lowercasing everything (i.e. "NAME.AZERO" === "name.azero").

Domain length

When the platform is launched, domain names must be a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 32 characters (inclusive). However, shorter domain names will become available in the future through an auction mechanism.