Testnet documentation

The AZERO.ID Testnet ("TZERO.ID") is used for ongoing testing of new features added to our platform. It's gated by a special role in our Discord (opens in a new tab). This page will provide you with all the information you need as a user or developer.

Important disclaimer

We're doing our best to provide a stable and reliable experience from the very beginning. But please keep in mind that this deployment is partly untested. It will change often without prior notice and contract deployments might be reset at any time. Please create new wallets dedicated to testing and only interact with the Aleph Zero Testnet. Use it at your own risk.

Join our testnet ➕

Participation in our testnet is Discord-gated by the "OG" role. Everyone can obtain this role by completing the OG quests on our Zealy Board (opens in a new tab) and connecting their Discord account. You should now find dedicated testnet channels at the very top of the channel list on our Discord (opens in a new tab). Welcome to the OG club! 🎉

Get started 🚀

Access the frontend of our testnet deployment at TZERO.ID (opens in a new tab). After connecting your Discord account for authentication, you can start right away by registering your very first .tzero domain.

Wallet support

See the list of currently supported wallets below. Make sure to enable test networks in the settings if required (i.e. the Aleph Zero Testnet). Read more about how to create a wallet in our user guide.

Desktop *Mobile (iOS)Mobile (Android)
SubWallet (opens in a new tab)
Aleph Zero Signer (opens in a new tab)
Talisman (opens in a new tab)
Polkadot.js (opens in a new tab) (not recommended)
Nova (opens in a new tab)****

* Supported browsers are Brave, Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge. Safari is not supported.
** Nova Wallet does not support test networks. It will be supported on the Aleph Zero Mainnet.

Features to test

Generally speaking, you should try out as many aspects as possible in different settings, including screen sizes, devices, browsers, wallets, etc. Below you can find some specific focus areas we would like you to test:

  • Domain search & AI suggestions
  • Domain registration (different settings; referral system)
  • Dashboard (un/setting primary domains; filtering/sorting)
  • Domain management (domain transfer; update controller/resolver; release domain)
  • Domain metadata (add/change/remove)
  • ID page (set different display metadata)

Give feedback 💬

Inline feedback widget

The main reason for this testnet phase is to gather feedback from our community. We're thankful for any feedback you can provide us with, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts!

Please use our inline feedback widget in the bottom left corner to provide instant bug reports & feature requests. Alternatively, you can use the #testnet-chat channel in our Discord (opens in a new tab) to discuss with other testers and the AZERO.ID team.


Important: Early testers of our initial testnet phase should make sure to fill out the final testnet survey (opens in a new tab). Please provide the same Discord handle and a valid Aleph Zero wallet address.

Resources for developers 📖

We suggest everyone to test integrations with our testnet first. You can find all technical details, deployment metadata, and integration libraries in the linked sections below.