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The AZERO.ID Indexer offers a fast and more flexible way of querying structured on-chain data via a simple GraphQL API. It's built with the Squid SDK by Subsquid (opens in a new tab) and running on their hosted service (learn more about the Subsquid architecture here (opens in a new tab)).

Indexed data

Currently, the following data points and collections are indexed:

  • Domain collection with each domain containing name, TLD, owner, and registration date
  • Owner collection with each owner containing address and domains owned
  • Reservation collection with each reservation containing name, TLD, address, and reservation date
  • Referral collection with each referred registration, its referrer, the forwarded amount, and the paid fee
  • PublicPhaseActivated collection containing one entry with the activation date of the public phase (if it has been activated yet)
  • Global flags and KPIs such as isInPublicPhase, totalDomains, totalOwners, totalReservations, totalReferrals, totalReferralAmount, etc.

We'll update our indexing capabilities in the future and the schema is subject to change. If you have any suggestions, please let us know on Discord (opens in a new tab).


As with any GraphQL API endpoint, you can use the playground of your choice to query the indexer. Use the default hosted playground just by accessing the API URL from above in your browser. Alternatively, you could use a tool like graphql-playground (opens in a new tab) by installing it locally and inserting the endpoint manually.

GraphQL Playground Example