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Search Domains

Search domains

Picking your favorite domain on our platform is an intuitive process. You can even get creative by using our AI suggestion engine.

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After setting up your wallet accordingly, head over to the AZERO.ID website (opens in a new tab) to search for your desired domain. You can find the search field in the middle of the page or click REGISTER YOUR DOMAIN in the upper right corner to start searching.

AZERO.ID Landing Page Register Button

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Search & check your domain

Search for your favorite domain name in the dialog that just opened.

To be eligible for registration, a domain must pass certain validity checks and must not be taken yet. All of these checks are performed automatically after entering your desired domain name. Once DOMAIN IS AVAILABLE is displayed, the user can click REGISTER to proceed.

Domain Search Dialog & Validity Check

AI suggestions

AZERO.ID also generates a set of personalized AI recommendations, based on your input. Share the best AI-recommended domains with us on Twitter (opens in a new tab). ✨