On-chain domains replace complex wallet addresses with simpler names, somewhat similar to how Web2 domains simplify IP addresses. Such a registry service demands thoughtful design and a robust economic structure to maintain its resilience.

This section will help you understand the different functional components of the AZERO.ID domain name service and how they work together.

Use cases

AZERO.ID is not just providing domain names, but enabling a whole spectrum of features in the space of decentralized identity, including:

  • Abstracting complex wallet addresses with user-friendly domain names, simplifying blockchain transactions and interactions.

  • On-chain identity hub aggregating your social profiles, DIDs, and more. Powered by our modular metadata storage.

  • Fully user-owned NFTs, tradable on the secondary market.

  • Personal Linktree-like website for each domain, linking to your social profiles, projects, and more.

Read more about our vision and upcoming features in our roadmap.

Core concepts


Technical details