Frequently asked questions

What is AZERO.ID?

AZERO.ID is the official domain name service provider in the Aleph Zero Ecosystem. .azero domains abstract away the complexity of interacting with alphanumerical wallet addresses and thus heavily improve the UX in the Aleph Zero ecosystem. Read more about our domains here.

How to get started?

If you are new to the Aleph Zero ecosystem or blockchain at all, we have prepared a tutorial series for you to start your journey with a domain by AZERO.ID. For support, you can always reach out to us on Discord (opens in a new tab).

Why are we building on Aleph Zero & Substrate?

Aleph Zero (opens in a new tab) is a new privacy-enhancing and high-performance blockchain with a focus on providing the best UX for its users. Being in the community and the wider ecosystem from the very beginning and experiencing its unique drive and values, contributed to the team's decision to build a name service on Aleph Zero. Substrate and the ink! smart contracts pave the way for a broad multi-chain expansion of the protocol next to many technical advantages over other stacks.

What is the vision behind AZERO.ID?

We envision AZERO.ID to become the world's first private on-chain name service that offers private asset transfers between domains as well as an obfuscation of the underlying account. Moreover, we are working on creating the leading multi-chain name and identity service for the entire Polkadot & Substrate ecosystem leveraging the power of XCM. Read more about our roadmap & vision here.

How much does a domain cost?

The current base fee for a 5+ character domain is 6 $AZERO. Multi-year registrations come at a premium. Further, we are working on a demand-based pricing algorithm to solve the problem of domain squatting. Read more about our pricing here.

Are there any restrictions for registering domains?

We launch with a small set of characters and expand this gradually, while carefully selecting distinct characters to prevent confusion and fraud. For now, users can only register 5+ character domains with lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and hyphens in between. Read more about allowed charsets and lengths here.

Which wallets will AZERO.ID support?

The AZERO.ID dApp supports most Substrate-compatible wallets. See the full list in our user guide. Further, we have deeper integrations (esp. resolving of domains & addresses) with e.g. SubWallet (opens in a new tab) and the Aleph Zero Signer (opens in a new tab).

How long will I be able to register my domain?

You will be able to register your domain for up to three years until you have to renew it. Longer periods are not possible since we are working on a variable demand-based pricing algorithm that will adjust the renewal fee based on the actual value of the domain and thereby, discourages domain squatting and speculation. Read more about our upcoming demand-based pricing here.

Who is behind the project?

AZERO.ID is being built by a team of crypto enthusiasts from Scio Labs (opens in a new tab), an independent development studio for Web3.