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Roles & Permissions

Set domain roles & permissions


Some actions might be irreversible and could result in lost funds. Be aware of what you are doing.

AZERO.ID introduces privilege separation for domains to increase their security, ownership guarantees, and flexibility. Each domain has three roles with a different set of permissions and attributes: Owner, Controller, and Resolving address.

Update resolving address or controller

Both, the resolving address and the controller, can only be updated by the owner or the current controller.

  1. Enter the address you want to update in the RESOLVER or CONTROLLER field.
  2. Click the UPDATE RESOLVER or UPDATE CONTROLLER button, respectively.
  3. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Update Domain Role

Feel the power of domains: Instead of using wallet addresses, you can also just enter the domain of the respective address you want to set as the new resolver or controller.

Update owner

To update the owner of a domain, you need to transfer the domain ownership. Read more in this guide.

By default, the resolving address and controller are also updated during the ownership transfer of a domain.