Developer Hub


AZERO.ID consists of several interconnected components that work together to provide an extensive domain & identity solution for users and developers. Its core functionality is to establish connections between user-friendly names, e.g. alice.azero, and machine-readable identifiers like SS58 addresses (opens in a new tab) on Substrate.


This is a schematic diagram illustrating the interaction between the different components.

Third-party applications typically interact with our Resolver (see the integration guide), but can also query our Indexer or even interact with our Protocol directly.


The Protocol consists of five ink! smart contracts that interact with each other. Read more about it here.


The Resolver is a set of JS/TS libraries specifically designed to resolve domains and addresses registered with AZERO.ID easily. Read more about it here.


The Indexer (built with Subsquid (opens in a new tab)) offers a fast and more flexible way of querying structured on-chain data. Read more about it here.


Our Frontend is built with Next.js and interacts with all the other components to provide a user-friendly interface to search, register, manage, and view domain names.