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ID Page

ID Page

The domain's ID Page (or "domain page") is made to be shared with others. It displays the social information, websites, etc., that you've defined in your metadata, and aggregates all the relevant information about your domain.

It's also a handy way to copy your wallet address in all available formats, send funds to a domain (soon), bid on a domain (soon), and more.

Get to the ID Page

Get to the ID Page by clicking on the arrow button in the Dashboard.

Dashboard Domain View Button

Generally, the ID Page is available at the following URL:{name}.azero.


The interface of the ID page is divided into two parts, the left part is the domain card with actions underneath, and the right part is more detailed information about the domain split into several widgets and tabs.

ID Page Overview


The actions available under the domain card on the left depend on whether your wallet is connected to the AZERO.ID dApp and whether you are the owner or controller of the current domain.

Domain Card Actions

They include:

Copy resolving address

The copy dialog allows you to copy your domain's resolving address in any format for a Substrate-based chain (SS58). It also shows the address as a QR code.

By clicking the SWITCH NETWORK FORMAT button at the bottom, you can filter between the different available network formats (e.g., Polkadot, Kusama, etc.).

Domain Copy Dialog

Share domain page

The share dialog allows you to share your domain's ID page on social media or copy the URL. It also shows the URL as a QR code, making it perfect to use when you're meeting someone in person.

Domain Share Dialog


The widgets displayed on the right side of the ID page provide more detailed information about the domain. They are the heart of the ID page and will be vastly expanded very soon.

Some of the currently available widgets, organized into tabs, are:

  • Overview Widget - Shows the domain's social information, websites, etc.
  • Roles Widget - Shows the domain's roles and permissions.
  • Expiration Widget - Shows the domain's registration & expiration timestamps.
  • Metadata Widget - Shows all the domain's raw metadata.

Domain Widget - Overview

Domain Widget - Roles & Permissions

Domain Widget - Registration & Expiration

Domain Widget - All Metadata