User Guide


The AZERO.ID Dashboard (opens in a new tab) aggregates all important information about domains associated with your connected wallet. These can be owned, controlled, or resolving domains. Read more about our role system here.

Dashboard Overview

Primary domain

The separate, highlighted domain at the top is your wallet's primary domain (if set). You can set any domain that is resolving to your current wallet as its primary domain by clicking on the three-dot symbol on the right and selecting Set as primary.

Domain list

Under the primary domain, you can find a list of all domains associated with your wallet. You can filter, search, and sort this list by using the toolbar at the top.

Dashboard Domain List Filter & Search Bar


When hovering over the domain's expiration date (e.g. Expires in 2 years) or the Roles indicator, tooltips appear that show more in-depth information about the domain.

Dashboard Domain Expiration Tooltip

Dashboard Domain Roles Tooltip


When hovering over a domain in the list, a set of actions appear on the right. These actions are:

  • Manage: Opens the domain's management page (edit metadata, set roles, etc.)
  • View: Opens the domain's public id page
  • More actions in the dropdown (three-dot symbol):
    • Set as primary: Sets the domain as your wallet's primary domain
    • Share domain: Copies the domain's URL to your clipboard & generates a QR code
    • Copy address: Copies the domain's address to your clipboard & generates a QR code (also supports SS58 address format conversion for other Substrate-based chains)

Dashboard Domain Options