Referral System

Referral System

We want to reward our users for spreading the word about AZERO.ID and supporting the growth of the project. Therefore, we have developed an on-chain referral system that benefits both, the referring user with a ≈5% bonus, as well as the referred user with a ≈5% discount on the registration fee.

For technical reasons, the referral bonuses and discounts are equal to 5.005% instead of 5%. We round the numbers to 5% for simplicity.

How it works

The AZERO.ID frontend offers two alternative methods for users to earn referral bonuses (affiliations) or get a discount respectively:

  1. Manual referrer selection: During the registration process, a user can input the domain name of their referrer, such as alice or alice.azero.

  2. Referral URLs: Any user can easily generate a referral link from the dashboard that includes their domain name, e.g. When utilizing this link, our frontend automatically passes & populates the referrer details in the registration form without any additional steps needed.

Either way, once the referrer has been verified, the 5% discount is automatically deducted from the registration fee, and the 5% referral bonus is forwarded to the resolving wallet address of the referring domain within the same registration transaction.

Soon, we'll provide a dedicated referral dashboard & leaderboard to easily keep track of your referrals and earnings.

Referrer validity check

The referring domain must be a registered domain and is not allowed to be associated with the registering user wallet in any way (controller/owner/resolver).