The vision behind AZERO.ID extends well beyond merely being a decentralized name service, pushing the boundaries of on-chain domains and identity. In the following months and years, we will pursue our goals of enhancing user experience, asset privacy, interoperability, and fair market values of domains. All while operating in a community-driven way, aiming to become a fully decentralized non-profit organization.

Please note, that the following roadmap is non-exhaustive and subject to change.

Key milestones

Privacy-preserving asset transfers

We are working on bringing privacy to domains. By obfuscating wallet addresses from domains, users can leverage their tradable on-chain identities without exposing their assets. We believe this is a crucial step towards making Web3 more accessible to the masses. We'll achieve this by leveraging Aleph Zero's unique privacy framework, Liminal.

Fair values & efficient markets

We believe domains should be priced individually at their fair market value and tradable to create an efficient name allocation among users. To achieve this, we implement an innovative demand-based pricing model, premium auctions, and a native NFT marketplace built specifically for domains.

Substrate expansion via XCM

By leveraging the XCM messaging protocol, we will expand our ink!-based domain name service across the whole Dotsama ecosystem. Currently, we are researching to build an "XCM Domain Service" funded by a W3F grant (opens in a new tab).

Subdomains for organizational use cases

We'll add a powerful subdomain functionality to our domain system. Trustless subdomains will open up limitless opportunities to manage organizations, communities, employees, or even NFT collections.

Decentralization & governance

The value created from a namespace, a core primitive of a Web3 ecosystem that is adopted by its users, should not belong to a single for-profit corporation. We will gradually decentralize the project and hand over the governance to a non-profit entity and the community.


Be assured that we have even more than that in store for you. Join our Discord (opens in a new tab) to suggest something and participate in the discussion.