Whitelist Phase

Whitelist phase

The whitelist phase is the first stage of the AZERO.ID mainnet launch. It will last for about one week and will be followed by the public launch. During this initial phase, each whitelisted user can register one domain name exclusively before the public launch.

When is the launch?


WE ARE LIVE! Go and register your first domain at AZERO.ID (opens in a new tab)!

  • Whitelist Phase: 15/08/2023 - 22/08/2023
  • 🟢 Public Launch: 22/08/2023 🟢

Read more in our official announcements on Twitter (opens in a new tab) and Medium (opens in a new tab).

What is different?

Multiple parts of our protocol work slightly different during the whitelist phase, compared to the public launch:

  • Users need to verify that they are part of the whitelist before domain registration
  • Only one domain can be registered per whitelisted address
  • Transfers are disabled (including trading on marketplaces)
  • Referrals are disabled

Who can participate?

  • Early users of our initial hackathon testnet from 2022
  • Early community members with the OG role who tested our new testnet and provided feedback
  • Users who stake on our AZERO.ID validator node (opens in a new tab) (based on a random snapshot ahead of the mainnet launch)

All whitelisted addresses can be found in this dedicated GitHub repository (opens in a new tab).